Why I Fell In Love With Female Football​



Growing up my older brother has always been football mad, however, I just never got it, the dives for a free kick or the arguments, it just isn’t my type of scene. I could only watch male football when it was big matches for example when England was actually getting somewhere in the world cup…

A few month’s back, I was scrolling through my Instagram explore page and seen a goal from Ella Toone in a Manchester United Match, so I decided to take a further look and delve a little bit deeper.

I all of a sudden found a love for Manchester United’s Women’s football team.
The reason I fell in love with female football is because you can see the true passion these females have for the game, they prefer to spend the 90 minutes running around the field playing the game rather than spending half the match rolling on the floor, trying to get a free kick…  The strength and stamina some of these female players have is outstanding and I take my hat off to them, I can barely run for 5 minutes never mind 90.

Another reason I fell in love with female football is because it’s less aggressive. You watch male footballers playing and there is so much aggression on the pitch and in the crowd, it’s horrible to watch. It’s so off-putting to go watch a male football match with how aggressive some people get when their team loses. Whereas female football is so relaxed compared to male football, you can see the love and respect they all have for each other on and off the pitch.

These females are absolutely incredible athletes and they need more recognition.

Hopefully, with England winning the She Believes Cup, and Lucozade supporting the lionesses, female football will slowly start getting more people’s attention and get more people supporting their female teams.

After watching the She believes cup, I’m super excited to watch England in the World Cup and can’t wait to see the outcome. Fingers crossed i’ll be able to make it to one of there games one day.


Here are a few of my favourite goals, from a few of my favourite players.

Lucy Bronze in the winning goal against Norway.


Steph Houghton with the incredible free kick in the second match of she believes cup.


Beth Mead’s goal against Brazil

Fara Williams



What’s your opinion on female football?



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