Technology Is Ruining Us

Technology changes the way people interact with one another. It changes people’s relationships.

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.

Everyone is constantly distracted by there devices and get very defensive when asked to put the device down, or away. Some people can’t even go to a bookstore and buy a book they would rather download it onto their electronic device.

On average a single person spends around about:

  • 25 minutes on youtube a day which works out to around 3 hours a week
  • 50 minutes on facebook a day which works out to around 6 hours a week
  • 35 minutes on snapchat a day which works out to around 4 hours a week
  • 53 minutes on Instagram a day which works out to around 6 hours a week
  • 36 minutes on twitter a day which works out to around 4 hours a week.

Altogether it works out 23 hours spent on social media a week, which is nearly a full day on technology. That doesn’t include watching tv, being on the computer doing work things. This is just an average statistic of how much time some people spend on social media, some people spend a lot more time on social media and some people spend less time on social media. Technology isolates people from the real world.

It has ruined family’s, people can’t even sit at the table without going on their phones, family’s would sit and play board games, watch films together but now a mobile phone or a laptop get in the way.

Children would rather sit in, play on there Playstations, Xbox’s etc rather than go out and go explore.

Believe it or not but technology is very dangerous. The number of people who text and drive or make a phone call and drive. On average 90% of road users use their phone whilst driving. Over 3477 people are killed due to drivers using their mobile phone whilst driving and 391,000 people are seriously injured due to people using their phones whilst driving.

Morning routines have changed, people check their phones first thing in the morning before even getting out of bed, Many teens / young adults are late for work due to being distracted by there phones or other means of technology.

Some of the downsides of technology are:

  •  Isolation – Due to people staying in and spending so much time on their computers, game consoles etc, it causes a lack of contact with other people. When people are on there breaks at work they spend their time on the phones scrolling through there facebook newsfeed, instead of socializing.
  • Violence – Some people who constantly play video games or watch violent films which have a structure of violence. Some people see the violence, certain moves and want to try it out themselves.
  • Less Sleep – As technology develops people get addicted to the newest apps for the mobile phones, games etc. Which makes them stay up late as they get addicted to the games. Notifications constantly going off, check there phone every few minutes.
  • Depression – Social media can affect depression, due to online trolls, ‘keyboard warriors’. Saying things that they may not know about, they may say things out of context. Hurting people because people have hurt them.
  • Obesity – The more time people spending indoors playing online, watching youtube etc. Means the fewer time people spend outdoors, exercising. As its just easier to get/cook, they eat unhealthy / junk food, which means they put more calories in than they burn off which means they gain weight.

However there are some positive sides of technology, these are:

  • Communication – With all the different types of technology now, you can contact people from all over the world. Long distant families, long distant relationships. It can keep you in contact with the ones who you love but are hours and hours away from you.
  • Jobs – A lot of people are online now. Youtubers, bloggers etc work from home and do it as a full-time job. People can also start there own E-Commerce business online and use social media to promote their business.
  • Education – With the internet, today people can find anything out online, it can help with school work, research for university. It can help improve grades with all the information that can be found online.
  • Saves Lifes – Without mobile phones, or the technology ambulances have, hospitals have, it can save people lives. Without that technology, some people may have not survived the illness or the accidents they had been in. Even googling a quick question can also save someone’s life, knowing how to put someone into the recovery position etc. Also, it has a positive side because anyone with a mobile phone can ring the emergency services free of charge, which again could save someone’s life.

7 thoughts on “Technology Is Ruining Us

  1. Hi!
    I have actually been musing about this topic myself and mentioned something similar at the end of my recent Q&A post.
    I think the advantages of all this technology is common knowledge yet we forget to acknowledge that downsides exist and the downsides are not common knowledge. In fact, I think the disadvantages are are rarely even mentioned.
    You make some important points my love. The time that people spend on social media that that you cite in your post is just terrifying! No wonder we feel short of time when so much of it goes on those activities.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

    Hanna x | Bloglovin ❤ 


  2. You have some great ideas. Though I do agree with much of your argument, I think the positives of technology outweigh the negatives.Because of the internet, a lot of people’s lives have changed for the good. They are able to learn about the world, create jobs for themselves, and learn new skills.

    But I do agree that people can be too addicted or obsessed with technology. Like, why do people need a new phone every year? Or why do people constantly upgrade their TVs?


  3. Technology can be both bad and good. I don’t want to think how much time both kids and adults spend on social media vs. in person. I see teenagers attached to their phones all their waking hours. I think, it’s pretty bad when schools let kids have phones in classes.


  4. We try so hard to keep our kids off screens. They have never played video games and have no apps on our phones. It’s a struggle because we know this makes them different- weird even- but it’s so important to us that they experience the world instead of becoming addicted to screens.


  5. This is a reminder of how the daily time on social media adds up! I agree with the positive sides of technology. For me, recently, I started learning Japanese on DuoLingo. It’s really fun to learn the language through the app. I wonder if I wouldn’t like learning it as much if I was learning it from a book, since Duolingo makes it easy to learn. 🙂


  6. Thanks for sharing such a great article. I agree that social media is taking over and it can be a bad thing. I believe it is best to set time aside for each and know the difference between when it is social time with family and social time with your social media accounts. My husband and I don’t allow phones at our meals to make sure that we stay engaged because we don’t want to be the couple sitting at the table both on our phones.


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