How I Keep Track Of My Spending / Sponsered Post

Once I started earning a wage I was told to keep track of my spendings and keep my receipts. However, I never liked the thought of having a drawer full of receipts. I had tried to keep them in single folder files but I just had them all over the place, my office space was always so cluttered with them being everywhere. 

I then discovered a file called the Redvers 24 Pocket File Expander. It’s a dream. The first thing about the file is it’s 24 pockets. It’s so much easier to keep all my receipts in one place. One section is for fuel, the other for food etc. 

With having all my receipts kept in one place it’s so much easier to keep track of my spending. For example, if I go over my spending limit I can look back in the file and view my spendings for the month and work out where I went wrong. If I bought something that I could’ve got cheaper or just treated myself a little too much. 

The file is also so colourful. It adds colour to my office space, with 6 bright colours all through the file. It’s made with strong flexible plastic, which means it will hold a lot more than the single folder files I had and it will last a lot longer. 

If the file isn’t holding a lot of paper it can compact very easily not taking up a lot of space in your cupboard. I love this file and it’s pretty cheap as well, only costing £11.99 on Amazon, it’s a bargain. 

I would highly recommend the file organiser if you are looking to keep your desk/ office or home more organised. 

Purchase your here –

This is a sponsored post, all views and opinions are my own.



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